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Find your secret crush using Facebook Dating app

Find your secret crush using Facebook Dating app

Find your secret crush using Facebook Dating app

Now you can find your secret crush using Facebook dating app. At Facebook’s F8 2019 developers conference, the company made a statement about Secret Crush, a new feature that will allow you use Facebook Dating to express interest in someone from your friends on the site.

What brought about this new feature according to Facebook is that users believe there’s a chance to explore romances within their own extended circle of friends on the social media platform. Using the secret crush feature, you will be allowed to choose up to nine Facebook friends who you may be interested in. This people you selected will get a notification only if they’re on the dating service and they will be aware someone has a crush on them.


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Here’s the interesting part of it, according to Facebook if your crush isn’t on Dating and they don’t opt into the feature or put you on their list, “no one” will know that you’ve entered a friend’s name.

There’s a little bad news for those based in US, this service isn’t available yet for your country. Though this service was first announced at the F8 2018 Facebook has stated that it will be available at the US at the end of 2019.


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