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On the category Tech News, we will be discussing all the latest trending news about the new technology. the reason why the device, Apps or gadget is the news. so much more.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 battery

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery problems | unable to recharge completely flat battery | Cause and solution

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery problems seem to have surfaced, Many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users accross the globe are reportedly unable to recharge the completely flat battery and the company has acknowledged it and they have released a statement to address the issue. The issue of a battery not being able to recharge or […]

causes of slowed iphone

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Causes of the slowed iPhone 6, iPhone 7, | Is your iPhone battery making your phone run slow?| solution

On this post itechflake will try to address the causes of the slowed iphone noticed on iPhone 6 and proffer solution on how to tackle it based on the informations released by Apple. iPhone has been the leading smart phone in the US market and the world at large, the tech gaint apple has been […]

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