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Latest News About the launch of Sony PlayStation 5

Hello gamers, we are here to talk about the Playstation 5 which Sony has revealed to be known as PS5. According to Sony their next generation Playstation won’t be available this year. Presently the organization is taking note of that the PlayStation 5 likewise won’t be produced the following year. A Wall Street Journal correspondent […]

nubia Red Magic 3

Gadget Phone Tech

Gaming Phone that record 8K video and has built-in cooling fan

This is not the first phone to possess the function of a built-in cooling fan, we have seen such in ASUS and Black Shark. The Chinese brand Nubia revealed the Red Magic 3 which not just packs a “fluid cooling” copper heat pipe, yet in addition an inside cooling fan. This little fan is said […]

dead people on facebook

Facebook Tech News

Facebook soon to turn to a digital graveyard – Find out why

Facebook soon to turn to a digital graveyard. The number of registered members keeps increasing yearly but research has shown that in the next 50 years the number of deceased people will outnumber the living. The latest report by scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) – some portion of the University of Oxford – […]

Dart Pro Clippers


The New Dart Pro Clippers

Dart Professional hair clippers have one of the best performance when it comes to hair clippers. Designed and produced by Remedix UK Limited, this clipper is essential if you plan to get the best haircut without bumps occurring later on. Normally, it’s difficult to get choose the best clipper you need either for home use […]

How To Site Reviews

How To Delete Facebook Page On PC, Mac Or App In Android And iOS

The steps in how to delete Facebook page is different because of different apps or computers we use in making this a reality. Bear this in mind, for you delete a Facebook page you must be an admin of that page if not you won’t have access to such. The journey of deleting your Facebook […]

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