How to Schedule, Backdate or Draft A Status Post On Facebook

How to Schedule, Backdate or Draft A Status Post On Facebook

For some reasons, you may want to delay the publishing of a status on facebook, you will have to schedule it to whenever you want to publish.

Or maybe you forgot to wish a friend Happy birthday on his or her birthday, and u still want to cover your tracks, so that the will not storm on you with verbal words. All you have to is just say happy birthday and backdate the post to that day, then you will be the one raising your voice that you wished them happy birthday but no one noticed it. lol. white lies.

You have a story you want to share with your friends on facebook, you are still composing it but you have somewhere to catch up. you can just draft it and come back to its letter.

How to Schedule Status post on Facebook

If you want to schedule status update on your timeline. After typing the post and you are ready to publish, click the clock like symbol beside the POST button to access the Schedule settings. see picture below.

How to Schedule Status post on Facebook

Set Time and date you want the post to go live, once the time is set, click schedule and that is it.

If you are posting on your fan page, click the arrow down beside the post button to access the schedule button. see picture steps below.

Click on schedule

Set the time and date you want to publish the post and click schedule button.

If you wan to stop news feed distribution, you can check the button and select date and time when you want to end the action.

How to Backdate a post on facebook

If you want to backdate a post on facebook, after typing the post, click on the drop-down arrow beside the POST button.

How to Backdate a post on facebook

Set the date and time in the past which you want the post to appear, if you don’t want the post to appear on your news feed, check the box below the date and backdate.

How to Backdate a post on facebook


How To Draft a post on Facebook

You want to draft a post, here is the simple way to do it, just click the drop-down button beside the POST and Draft


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