How to link Facebook to Twitter | Post From Facebook to Twitter

We are discussing the topic: How to link Facebook to Twitter | Post From Facebook to Twitter


The last post we talked about how to link from twitter to facebook and share the post to your facebook from twitter, today we will be discussing how to link to twitter from facebook and post to twitter from facebook.

If you are conversant with facebook, and prefer to make most of your post on Facebook and at the same time, wants your followers on Twitter to read the same post, thereby using one stone to kill one bed, this post how to post on twitter from facebook will teach all the processes of how to go about it.

How to link Facebook to Twitter

1. To link your facebook to twitter, you first log in to your facebook and twitter in different tabs of the same browser.

2. Then click HERE, to go to the page.

3. Click on link my profile to twitter

4. Click Authorise App

How to link Facebook to twitter

How to post from your facebook fanpage to twitter

5. If you just want to share your Facebook timeline post to twitter, you are done here, click save and go away, but if have a fan page and you want to share a post from your fan page to Twitter, then click on Link page to Twitter, and continue with the steps below.

How to link Facebook to twitter

6. Authorise App. and it’s done.

7. If you don’t want to share your timeline post to twitter, but you only want to share your fan page on Twitter. it is possible, just click on disconnect profile from Twitter.

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