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Comment On Google Search Results Coming Soon

What is google search result comment? Google search result comment is a new feature search engine giant Google is planning on to introduce to search result which will allow users to express themselves by commenting on the search results. Comment on Google search results coming soon google search results comment   Google is considering allowing people to […]

Fortnite Android App


Fortnite Android App | How To Download And Install

DOWNLOAD Fortnite Android App   Whats is Fortunite? Fortnite is an Android game but has been existing as an online video game released by Epic Games. This is a popular game and the Battle Royale shooter Fortnite is currently the most played game in the world. The interesting part of the game keeps drawing people to the […]

iPhone XR

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What You Don’t Know About the iPhone XR

What are the iPhone XR features and specifications? Like every other device or smartphone, iPhone XR has its positive and negative phone specifications but what you should consider before buying it is to look out for the one that meets your specific need for purchasing a phone.   iPhone XS and XS Max came out just […]

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Gadget Microsoft

The New Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review

What Is Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Microsoft surface laptop 2 is the second version of the surface laptop which was introduced by Microsoft in 2017. on this post, we are going to look at the distinct features of this beautiful piece of gadget. Introduction of Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft is a popular company and one of […]

dextres virtual reality gloves,


Imaginary gloves that makes virtual reality feel more real

What is dextres Virtual Reality Gloves Dextres Virtual Reality Gloves is a glove designed to let virtual reality gamers touch and feel in the gameplay.   Virtual reality has been a spreading the world like fire although it has the limitation of touch which doesn’t equate touch in real life. This brings the idea of […]

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