How To Off An On Facebook Messenger Chat | Stop Chat On Facebook

How To Off An On Facebook Messenger Chat | Stop Chat On Facebook

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Hello guys, on this tutorials, we going to see how we can turn on and off chat messages on Facebook. This topic “How to turn on and off chat messages on Facebook” will be very important to our female audience or a busy guy who has other business on Facebook order than just post pictures and get more likes. This topic will also be of interest to those of us who have made over 5ooo friends on FB and those who seek their attention through chat will become a disturbance.

Below, we are going to take u through, one by one steps on how to off your facebook chat completely or of it for a group or selected persons.

This tutorial will come in two way, how to off the messenger on the mobile Android device and on off. (facebook messenger android)

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How to turn off your Facebook Messenger chat on desktop

When you are logged on, look at your right-hand side where you have the list of friends who you can chat with, click on the gear icon to access the chat settings,

Click on “Turn oF chat“, a dialog pop up, showing several options which you can choose from.

Off An On Facebook Messenger Chat

If you want to turn off chat for all contact, select the first option,

If you want to turn off chat for all contacts with an exception, select the 2nd options, on the text box, type in the name of the persons you wish to chat with.

If you wish to Turn of chat for some contacts only, you select the 3rd option and type in the names of the people you don’t want to chat with.

Off An On Facebook Messenger Chat

Click “OK” and you are done.

How to turn On the chat messenger:

follow the steps above in a reversed manner.

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How to Turn off chat on android or any mobile device

On your mobile device, open your facebook handle, click on chat and click on settings, turn that off and u are good to go.

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