How iPhone cheap batteries can affect iPhone sales

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How iPhone cheap batteries can affect iPhone sales in USA is a topic itakeflake will bedicusising on this post. On our last post with the topic “Causes of the slowed iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and solution” we looked at the what can cause the slow functioning of iPhone when its a bit old.

The post revealed that Apple reduced  to functionalities of your iPhone by slowing it down, to save your phone from shutting down (if you missed the post read it HERE) and they admitted the fact that it was their mistake that did noot inform the puplic befor hand about this messure and inturn they provided a solution by reducing the price of their Original Batteries by 70% which make a significant effect in the future of the iPhone sales.


According research conducted by rueters, Apple iPhone market to reduce drastically because of cheap bateries. Iphone users has not been pleased by understanding that apple company puposely reduced or slowed their iPhone due to weak batteries to avoicd it from shutting down abruptly,


This was made known by the official statement made by the company which reads thus  “Apple apologized for the “misunderstanding about the issue” and assured customers that it had “never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product.” It also promised to replace iPhone 6 or later batteries for $29 — a $50 discount. Read Apple’s full statement here. “.

The iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, and iPhone SE all qualify for the $29 battery replacement. Those models currently make up 77 percent of the iPhone market, The reduction in the phone battery will be of a huge benifits to the suscribers at the possible detriment of th Apple sale depertment in that the current users of this models of iPhone my not consider upgrading to the newer editions of iphone, they we wil resolve to optaining a new battery and continue making use of thier old device since the cost of replacing the battery has been made highly affordable.


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we figured that the reduced effect of cheap batteries will extend beyond the end of this year 2018 when Apple’s offer ends. Everyone who opts to have a $29 battery replacement will see their existing iPhone speed up again, demonstrating that you really don’t need the latest model to continue enjoying the iOS experience.

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