How To Create A Photo And Video Book or Album On Facebook

TOPIC: How To Create A Photo And Video Book or Album On Facebook


Hello everyone, we are going to look at a simple function on the topic How to create a photo album on Facebook. On our previous post, we have talked about How to download a picture on facebook, and how to download all the data you have posted on Facebook.

It has become obvious to all the Facebook users that directly or indirectly, Facebook have become a backup database for our photos and videos.

Just like our real world, all our photos and grouped using an album, which tells a story about the event that brought about the photo.

Not just that, album helps us to find a picture easily and fast, this implies on Facebook social media, saving you photos on Facebook and grouping them in an album makes your profile look organized and it tells more about you.

incase you don’t know, below is a pictorial step of how to create an album on facebook.


Step1: On your timeline, click on photos

Album On Facebook


Step 2:

Click on create an album, a pop up pops up, asking to select the picture you want to use as your album cover, or you can select all the pictures or videos you want to group on the album.



Step 3:

Write your album story

How To Create A Photo And Video Book or Album On Facebook

Step 5:

Click save, your album is created.

Click here to see how to download An album on facebook.

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