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Control what people post on your Facebook Timeline | Stop Facebook Tags

We are discussing the topic: Control what people post on your Facebook Timeline | Stop Facebook Tags on your timeline


Facebook is more than just a social media, it gives its users ability to control almost all the activities going on the social media. Facebook has upgraded and most of the post you see online on how to do some certain things on facebook are either absolate or its now being done in an advanced way.

We are going to guide you through the new facebook setting on how tosetup these controls.

At some point you may be feedup with the rubishyour friends post on wall, and you are just this typee who cannot confront the friend to stop bugging your timeline with his/her post.

There are a simple steps to follow and handle this situation amicably and the both parties will not be offended.

How to Control what people post on your facebook timeline

We are going to show you how u can do this using any device of your choice, be it Smart phone android, iphone or desktop pc.

1. If you’re on your computer, navigate to Facebook and click the arrow in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Settings from the drop-down menu. On an Android device open the Facebook app and press the More button in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Account SettingsIf you’re using an iPhone, open the Facebook app and press the More button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select Settings and then tap Account Settings.

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FB app visibility settings

From here, the instructions are the same for desktop, iPhone, and Android users.

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2. Here you will see whole lots of controls you can set up, from here you can choose the one the best suits your interest.

3. As for controlling what people see on your timeline, we suggest you screen your post before there appear on your wall. To do this Select Timeline and Tagging and choose Review Posts Friends Tag You in Before They Appear on your Timeline?

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5. Move the slider to the On position in the Facebook and Android apps, or click Enabled if you’re on your desktop machine.

Review posts that you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline?

Timeline review controls whether you have to manually approve posts you’re tagged in before they go on your timeline. When you have a post to review, just click Timeline review on the left-hand side of your activity log.
Note: This only controls what’s allowed on your timeline. Posts you’re tagged in still appear in search, News Feed and other places on Facebook
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