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How To Add Reddit Button to blog | add reddit share button to website

reddit share button

We are discussing the topic: How To Add Reddit Button to blog | add reddit share button to website


Reddit is one of the biggest social media the deals with news and sharing of ideas. With monthly visitors over 200 million and about 8 billion monthly page views, you can agree with me that Reddit is a very active bookmarking website which you need to take advantage of as a blogger.

Before we move on to this tutorial, pls use the button above or below to share this post on Reddit and click here to follow itechflkae on Reddit.

Most of the common share buttons like “share this” don’t have the Reddit button included on its list, this makes it difficult for your post to be shared to Reddit by a user who desires to push your post on their subreddit.

On this post, we are going to learn how to insert Reddit share button on our websites and blog be it WordPress or blogger.


At this stage, we believe you must have been registered as a member on Reddit, if no, click HERE to register now, if yes, proceed with the steps below.


Open www.reddit.com on your browser URL, it will land you on the home page of the site.

post on subreddit


Scroll down to the end of the page were you will see “ABOUT, HELP TOOLS & APPS”, in a tabular form. Under apps & tool click on buttons.

reddit share button


Here you will See the list of different styles of buttons to add to your website or blog chose from the list below and click on view code to see the HTML code for the button which you choose. The highlight the code and copy it to clipboard or click on the code and use CTRL-A to highlight all and CTRL C to copy it to click board.

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reddit share button



Go to your WordPress backend, go to setting and locate ad inserter, (if you don’t have the plugin installed, go the plugins, add new plugin search for ad inserter, install it and activate. ), then proceed to the next step5.

reddit share button


Paste the copied code from Reddit on the black interface on your ad inserter

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reddit share button


On the ad inserter, scroll down, look for “Automatic insertion” click on the drop down to see the list on, select the position you want the Reddit button to show If you want it to show exactly where it is showing on itechflake select before post.

reddit share button


Click “Save all setting” to save to insert the code.

reddit share button

Step 8

After saving the setting view your site and smile at the sight of the button, then click on the button to make sure it is functioning as you wanted, the scroll up to share this post on Reddit now as a way to say thank you for this tutorials.

reddit share button

Click Here to see how to install the Reddit share button to your blogger blog.

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